Walter Thomas & Dennis Thomas v. Alexander Scott. Petition for Freedom


To the Honble the Judges of the circuit court, [torn page] United States for the [torn page] county of Washington [torn page]

The petition of Walter Thomas & Dennis Thomas, humbly sheweth, That your petitioners are detained illegally in slavery by Alexander Scott, tho' they are entitled to freedom as they are prepared to verifty, & they therefore humbly pray, that this Honble Court will take their cause into consideration, & direct [torn page] taken thereon [torn page] Court may seem meet, & the laws have provided. And your petitioners will forever pray &c:

John Law
Petitrs. soler.


217. Trials June 1810

Walter Thomas
Dennis Thomas
Alexander Scott

Petition for freedom

Mr. Brent will please to file this petition & issue subpoena thereon.
J Law.

filed 4th January 1810.