Walter Thomas & Dennis Thomas v. Alexander Scott. Affidavit of Thomas Buchanan


admitted as if sworn to.
J Law
30 June 1810.

I certify that some time in 1794 or 1795, I filed a petition for Judy Thomas agt. the Rev. Henry Pile in Charles County Court, the object of which was to procure her Freedom, her son Robert Thomas having before that period sued for, and obtained his freedom, by a judgment of the General Court, that besides Mr. Pile, Miss [illegible] Stone, Mr. William D. Briscoe and Mr. Alexander Scott, held negroes   of the same family, that is, of the Thomass', who also claimed their freedom, some of whom applied to me to file Petitions for them, which I declined doing, untill Judy's [illegible] should be disposed of. That when the petition agt. Mr. Pile was filed it was understood between him and myself, that if she got free, all the rest of her family should be liberated without any further litigation, and I think it   probable, but of this I was not certain, that Mr. Scott under a similar arrangement with me. It was my Habit to sue for one or two only if a family, during[?] claims to freedom, under a Hope[?] in some Instances, and in others positive stipulations that if they suceeded the rest of the family would be discharged.

Th Buchanan
June 24, 1810


Mr. Buchanan