John Davis v. Hezekiah Wood. Petition for Freedom


To the Honorable The Judges of The Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington

The Humble Petition of John Davis, Terrissa, (commonly called Tracy), and Mary Ann Davis, all children of Susan Davis a Person free born Sheweth.

That Your Petitioners are held in slavery by a certain Hezekiah Wood, who resides within the jurisdiction of this Court. that as your Petitioners are the Issue of the said Susan Davis who has by the Judgment of this Court recovered her freedom, as having been free born; they therefore pray that the usual process may issue against the said Hezekiah Wood, in order that your Petitioners may assert their right to be relieved from Bondage, and that Your Petitioners may recover such damages by the Decree of this Honorable Court, for work, labour, and ill-treatment, as to this Honble Court shall seem meet

And Your Petitioners as in duty bound will ever Pray

H. Hiort
for the Petitioners

20 Febry 1809




Jno Terrissa & Mary Ann Davis
Hezekiah Wood

Petn for freedom

Filed 28th February 1809

Hiort for Petitioners.
28 Febry 1809