John Davis v. Hezekiah Wood. Defendant's Bill of Exceptions


John Davis, Teresa Davis & Mary Davis
Hezekiah Wood

Memd. on the trial of this cause it was admitted by the parties that

The Pltff Petitioners in this case proved by evidence that they are the children of a certain Susan Davis & they produced the following record of the said Susan Davis's obtaining her freedom by the ver Judgement of this Court (here insert it)

And it was admitted that the said Susan Davis had been sold by this defendant to the said Caleb Swann mentioned in the said record before the said Judgement.

Whereupon the Petitioners by their Counsel prayed the direction of the Court to the Jury that the record aforesaid & the matters above proved admitted were Conclusive evidence for the Petitioners in this cause

And the Court did so direct the Jury accordingly.

To which direction & opinion the Deft by his Counsel excepts & prays the Court to sign & seal this his bill of exceptions which is accordingly done this 13th day of April 1810.

W. Cranch (seal)
B. Thruston (seal)



Defendants exception