Winnie Cryer v. Elizabeth Cocke & Peter Hoffman. Jury Instructions



If the Jury believes from the whole evidence that the Petitioners were the slaves of the Defendant and were raised or resided in Alexandria County aforesaid, and subsequently came into this Washington County to reside herein, and did so reside, and the same was with the knowledge or & consent of the Defendant or her agent, and the Jury shall further find that the said Defendant at the time of the said coming here as aforesaid, was not an inhabitant of either the said Counties or Alexandria, then the Petitioners are th entitled to their freedom. and the verdict of the Jury.





If the Jury believes from the whole evidence, that the Petitioners went at large as Free persons and acted and dealt as such in Alexandria, County aforesaid, and also Live, and were generally reputed to be free, and that the Defendant or her agent, resided in Alexandria during such time, and had knowledge thereof that the Petitioners were residing there, and that such acting & reputation continued with the knowledge of said Defendant or her agent for the space of at least Eighteen years before the bringing of this suit then the Jury may presume in favor of the Petitioners freedom that the Petitioner had been manumitted.