Winnie Cryer v. Elizabeth Cocke & Peter Hoffman. Petition for Freedom


To the Hon: The Judges of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for Washington County

The petition of Winny Cryer for herself and as next friend to her infant son Turner Cryer humbly shews

That they are unjustly claimed to be the slaves of one Elizabeth Cocke by her agent Peter E. Hoffman (of Alexa. Co. Va.)

That they are entitled to their freedom.

Wherefore they pray yr Honors to grant unto them subpoenas against the said Elizabeth and the said Peter E. that their right of your petitioners to freedom may be enquired into & secured & they will pray &c.

H. May for Petrs.

19 Jany 1847.


168. 148. 83 490 227. 162.

Winny Cryer & Turner Cryer
Elizabeth Cocke
Peter E. Hoffman

Petition for freedom

Col Brent will please file this & issue against Defts
& obliged,[?]
H May for Petrs.

Filed 22d January 1847