William Thornton v. George Graham. Deposition of C. Ramsay


My Brother Mr George Graham being in the Public Employ came to reside in this City in the year 1814. His family consisted of two very small children. He brought with him only one servant a very old woman and nurse to the children. Such other servants as he had occasion for he hired and always boarded until the year 1826. After the Death of my mother, and at the period that my Brother John Graham went to Rio, April 1819, he decided to remove all his negroes as well those in which my Mother had had a life Estate, of which William Thornton was one to Kentucky, where his other people were fixed. The servants being generally in Virginia, directions were given them to assemble at my house. William Thornton was at that time hired to Mr John Stith in Virginia who was to have sent him up, but not coming on the day fixed. My Brother detained the people for several days, but ultimately went off without him. Soon after he had left the City William made his appearance and has remained here ever since. My Brother remained several months in Kentucky and William never did go back to live at Mr   Stith's after he left there I had always understood from my Brother that he did not consider Washington as his permanent residence, and that as soon as he should be out of office, he should go to Kentucky where his people are property were.

C Ramsay


84 Trial 82

Mrs Ramsays Deposition

fd 30 Decr. 1830