William Thornton v. George Graham. Statement of Facts


Will Thornton
George Graham's Admr

No 94 Trials Decr Term 1830.
Petition for freedom

In this case it is agreed, that George Graham became the owner of the Petitioner in 1819, upon the death of his mother, who had a life Estate in him. That the Petitioner was born & always resided till then, in Virginia. That about this time, 1819, the said Graham then residing in the City of Washington, sent for the Petitioner with several other slaves of his, to come to this city, with an intention of taking them hence to a farm of his in Kentucky. That the Petr was at that time hired to Mr John Stith in Virginia; an did not come to this city with the other slaves. That the said Graham sent a man to Mr. Stith's for the Petr & waited here several days for his arrival; but finding that he did not come, Mr Graham went to Kentucky with the others, & on his return found the Petr here, having come with the man sent for him, during Mr Grahams absence; and has resided here ever since as the property of Mr Graham, residing sometimes in his house & sometimes being hired out.

That Mr Graham resided in Virginia till 1814, when he was sent for by Mr Monroe to be Chief Clerk of the War Department, in   which office he remained till the Spring of 1817, where he went out of office & Major Vandeventer was appointed in his place. From this time he held no other office than a Director of the Branch Bank of the U States here, until         when he succeeded Mr Cutts as President thereof, and in       was appointed Commissioner of the General Land Office, which office he held till his death in August last.

Upon the foregoing State of facts if the Court should be of opinion that Will Thornton is entitled to his freedom than judgment to be entered for the Petitioner; otherwise for Deft.

B. L. Lear for Petr.

7 Decr. 1830.


Will Thornton
Geo. Graham's Admr