William Thornton v. George Graham. Petition for Freedom


To the Honl the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington.

The Petition of William Thornton humbly sheweth; That he was a slave of one George Graham who was a citizen of Virginia & removed to the County of Washington in the District aforesaid to reside about the year 1815 or 1816 leaving your Petitioner a slave in Virginia. That about the year 1820 or 1821 your Petitioner was removed by his master the said Graham from Virginia & brought to reside in the County of Washington aforesaid, and was not registered in the office of the Clerk of said County, by reason whereof he is entitled, as he is advised, to his freedom. & he prays your honors therefore to [illegible] it to him by a Judgement of your Honl Court upon a trial by Jury.

B. L. Lear for Petr.

5 June 1828.



William Thornton
George Graham

Mr Brent,
Please file this Petn. & Summon Deft.
B. L. Lear.

5 June 1828.

filed 5th June 1828.