Rebecca Hobbs v. Thomas Magruder & Washington Robey. Complaint


To the Hon. Wm Cranch Chief Judge of the Circuit Court for Washington County Dist. of Columbia or any associate judge of said Court

Your oratrix The Petition of Rebecca Hobbs a colored woman represents that she has instituted her writ for freedom in yr Honor's Court, against a certain Thomas Magruder and Washington Robey, and that she has [illegible] to know and does know that the said Thomas Magruder is a negro trader and intends to carry your Petitioner to the southern states for sale, by which she will be much injured and great injustice and oppression to her will ensue, yr Petitioner oratrix therefore prays yr Honor to grant an injunction an order commanding to the said Thomas Magruder, and Washington Robey an each of them, their aiders and abettors and all persons whomsoever, not to remove yr Petitioner from the Jurisdiction of your Honors Court until her case be decided and that your Honor do give all other orders and relief that yr   Petitioner may be entitled to in Law, or equity and justice and is in duty she will ever pray &c.

Wm L Brent Petrs atty

Washington County, D. Columbia towit

Personally appears before me Henry Miller and makes oath on the holy evangels of almighty God that Rebecca Hobbs the within Petitioner is confined and has it not in her power to make the necessary affidavit to the within Petition and that, to his knowledge all the [illegible] stated in said Petition are true as stated.

Sworn & subscribed to [illegible] this 11th July 1834

C.S.[?] Burch JP



Let an Injunction issue as prayed for service upon the 2nd Monday of March next or until further orders
11th July 1834.
B: Thruston

Filed 11 Feby. 1834