Rebecca Hobbs v. Thomas Magruder & Washington Robey. Petition for Freedom


To the Hon. the Judges of the Circuit Court of the United States for the County of Washington in the District of Columbia

The Petition of Rebecca Hobbs a neg colored woman now in the County of Washington Dist. of Columbia, represents that she is illegally detained in confinement by a certain Thomas Magruder a negro trader and a certain Washington Robey, and that the said Thomas Magruder claims her as his slave for life and intends to carry her beyond the Jurisdiction of your Honors Court and that she is entitled to her freedom and is being oppressively and illegally claimed as a slave by the said Thomas Magruder. Your Petitioner therefore prays yr Honors that the United States writ of subpona may issue to the said Thomas Magruder and the said Washington Robey, as the Law directs and as in duty bound will ever pray &c.

Wm L Brent Petitioners atty



Rebecca Hobbs
Thomas Magruder & Washington Robey


Filed 11th Feby 1834.


W. L. Brent Esqr.
11 Feby 1834

Filed 11 Feby 1834