Nelly Lemon v. John H. Bayne. Deposition of Farrill Riley


Washington County District of Columbia.

On this 20th day of June in the year 1832 personally appears in open court Farrill Riley of Washington County in the District aforesaid & made oath on the Holy Evangels of Almighty God, that he has known Samuel Webster the witness who recently testified in the case of Nelly Lemmon & Children vs John H Bayne in the Circuit Court of the District aforesaid, for many years. That prior to the said trial of the said case, he was present at the house of said Webster in the City of Washington at & heard a conversation between the said Nelly & the said Webster & heard the said Nelly offer the said Webster the services of one of her children, for the use of the wife of the said Webster, provided he would go to the city of Washington court & give evidence for her to free her & her children in the suit against John H Bayne. That since the said trail the said Deponent was again at the House of the said Webster, & there saw a negro girl, the daughter of the said Nelly Lemmon, as the said Webster informed the deponent. that the said Webster said, that it was his little negro, & all that he had got or his trouble & services in getting Nelly Lemmon free, & further that if the said girl did not behave herself better than she had done last night, he would dress her in the morning & sell her to the Drovers.

Test W. Brent Ck


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fd 20 June 1832.