Nancy Fletcher v. Henry T. Weightman. Petition for Freedom


To the Hon. Judges of the Circuit Court of the U. States, of the District of Columbia for Washington County

The Petition of Nancy Basil Fletcher and Nancy Fletcher his wife, and of Henrietta Fletcher a minor by her next of kin; the said Basil all of Washington Co. Dist of Columbia represents that the said Nancy and the said Henrietta are illegally and unjustly held in slavery by Henry T. Weightman Yeoman, late of said County of Washington, who [illegible] to claim said Nancy and Henrietta as his slaves and property, when in fact they are free by the Laws of the United States in such cases [illegible] and [illegible] Your Petitioners therefore pray yr Honors that the said Henry T. Weightman may be summoned to appear as the Law directs and that your Petitioners Nancy and Henrietta may be discharged from his illegal detention and declared to be free and as in duty bound they will ever pray &c. and further that their case be tried by a Jury.

Brent & Brent for Petitioner



Basil Fletcher Nancy Fletcher & Henrietta Fletcher
Henry T. Weightman

Petition for freedom

The clerk will please to file this and issue them as the Law directs
Brent & Brent for Petiers

Oct 28. 1835