William Fenwick v. Lansing Tooker. Defendant's Bill of Exceptions


Negro William Fenwick
Lansing Tooker

Petition for Freedom

Upon the trial of the issue of this cause joined the Petitioner (offered in evidence a certain Bill of Sale from one Jacob Hoffman to Samuel Harper in the words and figures following to wit (here insert it) and the said Petitioner also) offered to prove by one George Tennison a witness duly sworn in the said cause, and did in fact offer the give to the Jury the evidence of the said George Tennison to prove that he Joshua Tennison the Father of the witness did in the year 1817 or 1818 purchase reside in Washington County in the District aforesaid and while so residing there did purchase the said negro woman Clara in the said Bill of Sale mentioned of and from one Robert or Thomas Patton then residing in the County of Washington in said District, and holding the said negro as his slave in the said County of Washington and that the said Robert or Thomas Patton then and there that is to say in the said County of Alexandria sold & delivered the said slave to the said Joshua Tennison, and the said Joshua Tennison thereupon   forthwith brought the said negro Clara into the County of Washington, af and that after that importation the Petitioner William was born of the said Clara in the said County of Washington, and thereupon the said Petitioner again counsel prays the court to instruct the Jury as follows towit (here insert the prayer) which instruction and the court then gave then gave the said instruction so prayed Whereupon the said Defendant by his counsel excepts to the opinion and instruction of the Court so given, according to the form of the statute in that case made and provided, and prays the Court to sign & seal this bill of exceptions, which is signed sealed & and ordered to be enrolled this 6th of Jany. 1836

W. Cranch. (seal)