Mary Bell v. Susan Armistead. McWilliams' Answers to Interrogatories


Answer to the 1st Interr.       I did.

"       "       2d       "       I think I have known him upwards of thirty years.

"       "       3d       "       I do not remember whether or not I attended him at his house as a Physician

"       "       4th       "       I did attend him at the Alms house and saw him probably three or four times a week. I had no reason to believe that he was insane or a man of so weak intellect as to be incapable of understanding the effect and operation of a deed of manumission, although I thought him to be a weak man in intellect. I do not recollect any particular facts one way or the other tending to shew the condition of his mind.

"       "       5th       "       My recollection as to his disease is not very distinct but my impression is that he was suffering under chronic rheumatism. The tendency of chronic rheumatism is not to impair the mind. I never gave any special attention to the discover the state of his mind at any time.

Dr. McWilliams Testimony.


Dr. McWilliams evidence