Mary Bell v. Susan Armistead. Petitioner's Bill of Exceptions


Defendants 2 prayer

If [obstructed by seal] instruction for Defendant[?]

If the Jury believe from the evidence that Robert Armistead was a person of weak & feeble mind and that the deed in question was executed by him at the Alms House, away from and out of the presence of his friends and family & without their knowledge and the execution of the same was procured by undue influence or fraud then it is not his deed and the Petitioner is not entitled to recover.

Given 6 Decr 1847 [obstructed by seal] con

And the Court gave the instruction as prayed by the Defendant, and refused to grant the qualification thereof as prayed by the Petitioner, and thereupon the Petition by her Counsel Excepts, to the granting of the same without the said qualification, and prays the Court to sign and seal this her       Bill of Exceptions and to cause the same to be enrolled according to the statute, which is done accordingly this 6 Dec 1847