Louisa Woodward v. Jane Munroe. Petition for Freedom


To the Hon: the Judges of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington.

The Petition of Louisa Woodward humbly sheweth to you Honors that your Petitioner is now illegally and unjustly held in slavery in the District and County aforesaid by Jane Munroe, and that in fact your Petitioner is free from all terms of slavery. And your Petitioner respectfully prays that your Honors will hear and determine her case and grant her the relief she is entitled to and your Petitioner will ever pray &c

C. Car & J E Addison for Petitioner


112. 154. 106. 150. 106. 122. 87. 183. 383. 163. 143. 81. 83. 127. 158.

Louisa Woodward
Jane Munroe.

Petition for Freedom.

Mr. Brent will please file Petition and issue thereon
C. Car & J E Addison for Petitioner

Filed 16th. Octo. 1846