John Thornton v. Orrin Davis. Bond


United States
Orrin Davis

In Equity

Circuit Court of the District of Columbia county of Washington towit

Circuit Court of the District of Columbia county of Washington towit

You Orrin Davis & Alexander Hunter (with the law of the court) do acknowledge yourselves jointly and severally to owe[?] and stand justly indebted to the United States of America in the sum of twelve hundred dollars to be levied of your bodies, goods, and chattels lands and tenements to and for the use of the said United in case default be made in the underwritten condition: which condition is that if the said Orrin Davis shall have John Thornton, a negro who has petitioned for his freedom against the said Orrin Davis by the name of Irrine Davis in the District of Columbia so as to enable him to attend this Court on the first day of the next term from time to time in support of his said petition for freedom and show not obstruct him therein or therefore and in support of his said pe in the mean time shall feed clothe and use him well then the above recognizance shall be void otherwise shall remain in full force and virtue. (Turn over)


Taken in Open court this 25th day of March 1835.

Test W. Brent Clk


And the said Orrin Davis being in custody of the Marshall under the said order so as bee above made against him, now in Open Court offers under such order to enter into recognizance in the terms following protesting that in doing so he claims to reserve and save to himself all benefit of exception and plea to any matters and proceedings of the court heretofore made and to any defect or error in the petition or writ in this said case.

filed 25 March 1835