Jane Lewis v. Nelson Conrad. Petition for Freedom


653 To the Hon. the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, for Washington County

Jane Lewis, a colored woman, of the County of Washington, in the District of Columbia for herself and her children Mary anne Josephine & Sarah Jane respectfully states that she is entitled to her freedom and that she is illegally detained as a slave by N Conrad who claims her as such. She therefore petitions your Honors that the said N Conrad may be cited to appear as the Law directs and that he be compelled to let your Petitioner go as a free woman and that her case may be decided by your Honors and that said Defendant shall pay all costs &c and as in duty bound &c

Brent & Brent for Petitioner


77. 205. 127 145.

Jane Lewis and others
Nelson Conrad

Petition for freedom

Filed 30 Jany 1841.