James Ash v. William H. Williams. Petition for Freedom


The Petition of James Ash to the Honorable the Judge of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington

Humbly sheweth that the said James Ash is a free man, that he entitled to his freedom, and he hath filed in his petition in the Prince George County Court, and State of Maryland; that the said Petitioner is still pending in the said County of Prince George County, that a certain John Grimes hath arrested your petitioner, and now holds him in custody, and hath confined him in the private jail of William H. Williams of the City of Washington.

Your petitioner prays that subpoena may be issued for the said John Grimes and the said William H. Williams, and that your petitioner may have a fair trial of his said petition in your Honorable Court.

Jos H Bradley for Petn.



Appearances March 1840 (Done)

James Ash
John Grimes and Wm H. Williams

Filed 19th Dec 1839