Gilderoy Prunell v. Severn E. Parker. Petition for Freedom


District of Columbia.
County of Washington to wit.

To the Honbl The Judges of the Circuit Court of the District United States aforesaid

The Petition of Gilderoy Prunell A Man of Color Respectfully shewith unto the Court That he is entitled to his Freedom; but is now illegally held in slavery by one Severn E Parker of the County of       wherefore he prays your Honors to grant him the United States writ of Subpoena directed to the said Severn E Parker commanding him to appear & answer to this Petition & that your Honors will give unto your Petitioner such further relief in the premises as to your Honors may seem meet and proper. And as in duty bound will ever pray &c

Fleet Smith for the Petitioner


24. 193 208.

G Prunell
S E Parker

Petition for freedom

Sumd for Plaintiff
Samuel H Handy & Elizabeth W Strother.

Filed 18 Decr 1835.