Frederick Mortimer v. Hudson M. Garland. Jury Instructions


If the Jury shall believe from the evidence aforesaid that the defendant came to this County in the year 1836, bringing with him the petitioner his slave, with a [illegible] & intention to reside settle here permanently, then he had a right to bring [illegible] slaves with him to reside with [illegible], then the petition is not entitled to recover his freedom under the 1st § of the act

And if the Jury shall find that the defdt came here to occupy a public office under the govt towit an office in the Treasury determinable, at the will of the President not bringing his family with him, the defdt is not thereby a resident, but a sojourner, these facts are not sufficient to warrant the inference that he came here to reside, or that he brought in the sd slave to reside and * the petitioner has not made out a case which entitles him to his freedom within the meaning of the said 1st section.

* if the jury shd further find from the sd Evidence that   that the Dft did not leave this district finally to return to his residence in Virga until after the ptition was filed in this case.