Ellen Trunnell & Milly Ross et al. v. Henry B. Robertson & Daniel Keene. Robert J. Brent's Argument


Trunnell v. Robertson

Keens negroes

2[?] — as to the necessity of proving the will by two witnesses — this may be done by two swearing to his signature as is done in the case at hand

see 6 Rand in 338

This case decides that they must only prove testators handwriting

But Glasscock vs Smither, Call. 479 decides one witness enough to will of chattels.

3 There is a case in 9 Leigh 521 under the indese Emancipation, to the effect that freedom is not a question of property, but a right higher than that of property. see the opinion of Tucker

Also Lee vs Lee Peters R on the right of a petitioner to appeal where his value is less than $1000.


Keens negroes in Wash.

Mr. R. J. Brents reference to authorities