Eliza Johnson v. Thomas I. Belt. Petition for Freedom


To the Honorable Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, sitting in and for Washington County

The Petition of Elisa Johnson of said County of Washington respectfully states that she is a free woman of color and that Thomas B. Belt of said County has taken her into his possession, has confined her in jail of said County. and claims her as his slave and that he has done it with[?] [illegible] of disposing of yr Petitioner out as his slave, contrary to her rights and she therefor prays yr honors to cite said Thos B. I. Belt as the Law directs and that yr Petitioner's case may be inquired into and that she may be returned to her liberty as a free woman and as in duty bound will every pray &c

Brent & Brent atty for Petitioner

5 Aug 1840



Elisa Johnson
Thomas B. Belt

Petition for freedom

Filed 6th August 1840