Amy Gray v. Henry Howison. Affidavit of James Cissel


District of Columbia
Washington County to wit

James Cissel makes oath and says that he, this deponent, was present and saw Henry Howison with three other persons, one of whom was Philip Butler (hack driver) came to the house in which John Coburn resides for the purpose of taking away Ami Grey, who then lived with the said Coburn. That they, said Howison and the other persons approached the said house by the back way, and there was a hack and horses [illegible] in which this deponents [illegible] the said Howison & said other persons [illegible] of their [illegible]. That the said Howison pointed out the House to the said persons and went with them to the door of the room in which the said Ami slept and they being about to break the door This deponent heard the said Howison ask them to stop until he asked permission. That this deponent thereupon returned to said Coburns store and on his return to the house he was informed by the family or some of them that Ami had been seized and carried away by Howison & the said other persons in said hack.

Sworn in open court 30th March 1835

Test Wm Brent Clk


James Cissel Affidavit

filed 4th Apl 1835