Amy Gray v. Henry Howison. Affidavit of Richard Wallach


Richard Wallach makes oath and says that he, this deponent, filed a petition for freedom in the name and on the behalf of one Ami Gray in the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for Washington County against one Henry Howison of the said County by whom the said Ami was held in bondage, returnable[?] to Novr Term 1834 That the said Howison was duly notified of the pendancy of the said petition by being served with a subpoena in said case, as will appear by the [illegible] of the Marshal. That no appearance has yet been entered to the said case by the said Howison and this deponent is readily informed and believes that the said Howison after the service of the said subpoena did cause the said Ami to be [illegible] out of the District and beyond the jurisdiction of this cause, with intent and for the purpose of depriving the said Ami of the [illegible] of her said petition. And this deponent further says, that he [illegible] believes this deponent and said Howison [illegible] the said Howison that he this deponent had been so informed and that the said Howison did not deny it.

Sworn to in Open Court

March 23. 1835

W Brent ck


640 798

Ami Gray
Henry Howison

lay[?] the rule[?]