James Smith v. William C. Newton. Petition for Freedom


To the Honb the Judges of the Circuit Court of the district of Columbia for the County of Washington

The petition of James Smith a black man humbly sets forth to your honors that he is justly and lawfully entitled to his freedom but that nevertheless he is held in slavery by one Wm C. Newton who pretends to claim title to him as a slave contrary to justice and the law of the land Wherefore your petitioner prays your honors to grant him the United States writ of subpoena to be directed to the said Wm C. Newton commanding him to appear in your honb. Court and submit his said pretended title to hold your petitioner in a state of slavery to the decision of your honb Court in a due course of Law and in the mean time that he given sufficient surity that your petitioner shall not be removed out of the jurisdiction of your honorable Court before the final determination of your honors in that behalf and as in duty bound your petitioner will ever pray and so forth

H. Ashton for petitioner

Col. Brent will not take any proceedings in the above petition before the petitioner shall have given him sufficient security for the fees and costs of writ as I will not be answerable for costs
H. Ashton


The Clerk will please enter me security for the fees and costs in this case
Richd. Hendley
June 11th 1825.



James Smith
Wm C Newton

Peto for freedom

Filed 11th June 1825.