Christopher Harris v. Robert Rowley. Petition for Freedom (Chancery)


To the Honorable the Judges of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, sitting in chancery for Washington County.

The petition of Christopher Harris humbly represents. That in the year 1825, your petitioner was imported into the County aforesaid from the State of Virginia by one P.B. Alexander as her slave. That the said Alexander returned about six months ago to the said State of Virginia, leaving your petitioner in said County. That on the 2nd day of February 1828, less than three years from the time your petitioner was imported into said County, the said Alexander sold your petitioner, at the City of Washington in said County to one Robert Rowley, a foreigner, who now holds and claims your petitioner as his slave. That your petitioner is advised that the said sale is contrary to law, and that your petitioner is entitled to his freedom. That the said Rowley has caused your Petitioner to be removed from the said County of Washington to the common jail of Alexandria County, where your petitioner is now confined, preparatory to his removal from this District. And your petitioner states further, that he has filed his petition on the Common law side of this Honorable Court against the said Rowley for his freedom. That the said Rowley is now about to remove your petitioner from this District, and unless he shall be enjoined and restrained by this Honorable Court from so doing your petitioner will be deprived of all benefit of said petition. Your   petitioner therefore prays your Honors to grant unto him the U.S. Writs of Injunction and Subpoena &c restricting[?] the said Rowley from removing your petitioner from said District and the T Ringgold Esq Marshal of said District from [illegible] being your petitioner to be taken out of this county, until further order of this Hon Court.

Richd Wallach
Solicitor for petitioner

District of Columbia
Washington County sct

On this fourth day of February 1828, personally appears William H. Stewart, before the subscriber a justice of the peace in and for said county, and make oath in due form of law that the facts stated in the foregoing petition are true as stated to the best of his Knowledge and belief.

Sworn before
Jno Chalmers JP.


Let the injunction issue as prayed
W. Cranch.
4th feby 1828.



fd 4th Feby 1828