John Battaile v. Thomas Miller. Petitioner's Interrogatories to Charles A. Stokes


Cross Interrogatories by Petitioner

1. Was Mr McCandliss who paid the money your agent for purchasing negroes?

2. Did he or you advertize for negroes, on this side of the river?

3. Was McCandliss at Alexa when the agreement was made by you & Mr. Miller?

4. Where was he?

5. Where does he reside?

6. How long after the agreement was it, before the money was paid by McCandliss?

7. Was the money paid after you came up?

8. Did Miller have any conversation with McCandliss about the sale, before he saw you at Alexa?

9. Did he say asu how he came to call on you about it?

10. Where was the Petitioner when the agreement was made?

11. When was he brought to Alexa?

12. What receipt was it wh: you looked at just soon[?] & by which you ascertained the time of the sale?

13. How do you know the facts in the Defendents 4th Interrogatory


14th. How do you know Mr Thos Miller's motive for repurchasing the Petitioner from you?

15. Who put the Petitioner in jail?

16. Do you know where James R. Miller and Thomas Miller resided at the time of the sale?

17. Do you know anything of the Petitioner having been imported into this District from Virginia?

18th. Why then, did you object to receive him on this side the river?

19. How long after the sale by J. R. Miller did Mr Thos Miller apply to you, to purchase the Petitioner?

20. To what distance are you going from the City of Washington. When do you go & how long will you be absent.

B.L. Lear for Petitioner.