Lees v. Augustus Preuss. Injunction


District of Columbia County of Washington sct

The United States of America To Tench Ringgold Marshal of the District of Columbia Greeting

Whereas John Lee, Lizettee Lee, Janett Lee have filed by their petition filed against a certain Augustus Preuss in the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington and for certain consideration therein set forth you [strikethrough] are hereby strictly prohibited and injoined from suffering the said petitioners or either of them to be taken from the prison of the County of Washington now under your charge, and you are directed to retain them in your custody until the further order of this Court in the premises. Hereof fail not as you will answer the contrary at your peril

Witness W. Cranch Esqr Chief Judge of our said Court

Issued the 25th April 1827

W. Brent Clk


281 Appearances

Jno Lee & others
Augs Preuss


To be served on the Marshal of the District or his Jailor for the County of Washington
Test W. Brent clk

Non Est Preuss
Service acknowledged in me
T Ringgold

Enjoned[?] Burr the Jailor
T Ringgold