William v. George Milburn, John Coburn, & John L. Alford. Disclaimer of John L. Alford


The separate plea & disclaimer of John L. Alford to the petition of negro William.

The said John L. Alford (who has been summoned to answer said petition as the person intended by John L Alford) protesting & averring that he never had or claimed any right, title, property, or interest in the petitioner, and never had him in possession, and never invested any authority or coercion over him, comes, in proper person, and now here in open court disclaims all & all manner of right, title, property, claim & demand whatever, in or upon the petitioner, as a slave or otherwise; and, in like manner, disclaims & renounces all interest in the question or issue, whether the said petitioner be bond or free; wherefore he prays to be hence dismissed without further or other plea or answer to the said petition &c. &c.

John L. Alford

Signed & sworn to in open court

2d Jun 1826
Wm Brent Clk


Jno L Alford

filed 2d Jun 1826