William v. George Milburn, John Coburn, & John L. Alford. Disclaimer of John Coburn


The separate plea & disclaimer of John Coburn to the petition of negro William.

The said John Coburn in proper person, (protesting that he never was owner or proprietor, nor in any manner possessed of the said petitioner, nor ever had or claimed any interest whatever in him, except under a conditional contract with one Louisa J. Southhall, the execution of which contract never happened depended upon a contingency, which has never happened; & comes now here and disclaims in open Court that the said Louisa J. Southhall herself (as this disclaimant is now well informed & believes) had not, at the time of such contract, nor at any time before or since any right or title or authority to sell & dispose of the said petitioner, he the petitioner bond or free) comes now here & disclaims, in open court, all & all manner of right, title, property, claim & de-   mand whatever, in or upon the petitioner, as a slave or otherwise; and in like manner, disclaims & renounces all interest in the question or issue whether the said Petitioner be bond or free; wherefore he prays to be hence dismissed without further or other plea or answer to the said to the said petition &c. &c.

John Coburn

Signed & sworn to in open court by the said John Coburn

W. Brent Clk
2d Jun. 1826