William v. George Milburn, John Coburn, & John L. Alford. Disclaimer of George Milburn


The separate plea & disclaimer of George Milburn to the petition of negro William.

The said George Milburn in proper person, (protesting that he never was owner or proprietor, nor, in any manner, possessed of the said petitioner; that he never had or claimed any interest whatever in the petitioner, but under a conditional contract with one John Coburn in the said petition named, for the purchase of the petitioner; the execution of which contract depended on a contingency which has never happened; that within the said John Coburn himself, never had (as this disclaimant is now well informed & believes) any right or little whatever to the petitioner, he the petitioner bond or free) comes & now here disclaims in open court all & all manner of right, title, property, claim & demand whatsoever, in or upon the said petitioner, as a slave or otherwise; and in like manner, disclaims & renounces all interest in the question or issue whether the said petitioner be bond or free; wherefore he prays to be hence dismissed, without further or other plea or answer to the said petition, &c. &c.

Geo Milburn

Signed & sworn to in open Court by Geo. Milburn

June 1st 1826. Test Wm Brent Clk



Disclaimer of Geo. Milburn

filed 1st June 1826