Sally Baker v. Charles Hay. Order


Sally Baker & children
Charles Hay

It having been admitted by the counsel for the parties in this cause, that the Petitioner Sally Baker in behalf of herself & children appear'd yesterday in Court and voluntarily agreed to withdraw her petition, & that she was thereupon deli deliver'd into the custody of the Dft by the sureties for her appearance; and it being also represented to the Court that she is now at large, it is order'd that her said petition be dismiss'd unless she appear in Court this day and give further new security for her appearance to receive the judgt of the Court in this cause

By order of the Court
Test W Brent Ck

This order was served on and read to Sally Baker the Petitioner about 10 Oclock on Wednesday the 7 June 1826.
Tench Ringgold


7 June 1826