Fanny Tarlton v. Cartwright Tippett. Jury Instructions


If the Jury should believe from the evidence that Mr. Scott at the time of his leaving the District of Columbia for Carraccas meant permanantly to reside there with his family & did reside there for upwards of 12 months carrying & retaining with him the petitioner until his return & that his leaving there[?] was owing to compulsion & not his will,[?] then the petitioner is entitled to a verdict of freedom


If the Jury find from the evidence that said Scott proceeded to Carraccas in a public [illegible] or a secret mission for the government, and or a states salary: that he also had some ulterior & contingient views of remaining longer at Carraccas than was necessary for the purposes of his mission, and of engaging there in business: but that when he departed from the District for Carraccas the duration of his abode there, and the business he shd. engage in was were undetermined & uncertain, and dependent upon circumstances: and that at the time of his being compelled to leave Carraccas he had not actually settled himself as a permanent resident there; but still remained there undecided as to the duration of his residence, or the footing on which he should establish himself: then the bringing of the petitioner back from Carraccas to Maryland & from   Maryland to this District, was not an importation against the Act of Assembly.

Verdict Not Guilty