Dennis Wright v. Elizabeth Robinson & Richard Taylor. Petition for Freedom


To the Honorable the Judges of the Circuit Court for the County of Washington

The petition of Dennis Wright, now in the City of Washington, humbly sheweth unto your Honours that your petitioner conceives himself entitled to his freedom under the Act of Assembly of Maryland 1796 · ch. 67 · s. 1. Your petitioner humbly sheweth that he was born in the State of Virginia; the slave of a certain Mrs Sarah Triplett.

That about the year 1800 your petitioner was removed by Mrs Sarah Triplett, his Mistress & owner into the County of Washington District of Columbia, contrary to the said Act of Assembly of 1796 · ch. 67 s. 1. That your petitioner was not brought to the said County & District under any of the provisions or exceptions contained in the said Act or the suppliments thereto, showing[?] the rights of the said Mrs Sarah Triplett would have been [illegible] to her. That your petitioner was sold about the year 1811 by the said   Mrs Sarah Triplett unto a certain Samuel Robinson & was by the said Samuel Robinson removed from the State of Dt. Cola. to the State of Virginia & there remained with occasional absences from the State, until within the last year the said Samuel Robinson died. That if your petitioner had not claim under the Maryland Act referred to, he thinks it likely he should have claim under his removal from the Dt. Cola. to Virga. and he therefore does not hereby wave or abandon any such claim but under this petition prays to have all his pritinsions heard.

Since the death of the said Samuel Robinson your petitioner has been held & hired a part of the time by Mrs Eliza Robinson the widow of the said Samuel Robinson & a part of the time by a certain Richard Taylor who your petitioner is informed claims your petitioner under some mortgage from the late Samuel Robinson to him the said Richard Taylor.


Your petitioner prays your Honors that Subpoenas may issue for the said Eliza Robinson and the said Richard Taylor & that your petitioner may have a trial according to law.

Augt Taney for Petitioner

Feby 8. 1822.

On this 9th day of February AD 1822 personally appears Dennis Wright, the petitioner named above & maketh oath & saith that he verily believes the said Mrs Sarah Triplett removed from the State of Virga. & resided in the County of Washington for about three[?] years but[?] she removed your petitioner from the State of Virga. into the said County. That your petitioner cannot exactly remember years nor dates & cannot therefore state them as he would wish— but is clear   in his belief & recollection of the fact stated in this Affidavit.

Sworn before me.
Charles H W Wharton (seal)

Mr Brent
You will only file this & issue Subpas on security being given for all fees & costs of suit.

July 9. 1822.


444 416.

Trials Octr 1823

Dennis Wright
Eliza Robinson & Richard Taylor

Petition for Freedom.—

Mr Brent
See mem. within.
Augt Taney
Feby 9. 1822.

filed 9th Febry 1822