Basil Wells v. Ignatius Young. Petition for Freedom


To the Honl the Judges of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington.

The petition of Basil Wells sets forth to your honors that he is entitled to his freedom in consequence of being descended in a right[?] line thro[?] the female line from Ann Wells a free white woman Nevertheless that he is held in slavery by one Ignatius Young of the said county of Washington Wherefore he prays your honors to consider this his petition and to afford him the opportunity of having a juris trial in your honorable court according to the laws of the land. and that your honors will grant him such precept of your court as is usual in such cases, to be directed to the said[?] Ignatius Young [illegible] him to appear in your honorable court to answer to this complaint and in the meantime to enter into such recognizance as is usual in such cases to restrain him from removing your petitioner out of the jurisdiction of your honors and to allow him reasonable time to look out for and [illegible] his testimony and as is duty bound he will ever pray &c

H. Ashton for petr.



Basil Wells
Ignatious Young

The clerk will please to file this petition and open the usual process.

Joseph Phipps will be security for the costs of the petition and you will open this process predicated[?] on his securitys
H. Ashton

Filed May 1st 1823