David Randall v. John B. Reid. Petition for Freedom


To the Honl the Judges of the Circuit Court of the United States sitting for the County of Washington in the District of Columbia

The Petition of David Randall humbly sheweth that he is a free man lineally descended from a free white woman and being so descended or for other good and legal cause he is of right and by virtue of the Law entitled to his freedom Nevertheless your petitioner says that he is now and for a long time has been contrary to Law and natural justice held in slavery by John B. Randall which premises he is ready to verify by good and satisfactory testimony in consideration whereof your petitioner prays that your honors will order to be issued from the clerks office of your said court the United States writ of Subpoena to the aforesaid John B. Reid directed returnable at the next time commanding him to appear and answer to the petition being set forth and that all such further orders may be given as to your Honors may appear necessary and proper to secure to your petitioner his just & equitable rights. And particularly that your honors will enjoin & order that the said John B. Reid or any other person shall not convey from and out of the District of Columbia your petitioner (who is now confined in the prison of the County of Washington for the purpose of being conveyed away by the Said [illegible]) untill the further a just & legal trial may be had and the further decision of your Honors in the premises and your petitioner as in duty will ever pray.

Burr atty for Petitioner

I certify that the above named petitioner David Randall is now in my custody at the instance of the above named John B. Reid

Tench Ringgold
Marshall Dt Ca

Dec 24th 1822



David Randall
Petition for Freedom
John B. Reid

Burr atty

Decr 24th 1822. It is ordered by the Court that the Marshall detain the Petitioner David Randall in his custody untill the said John B. Reid shall enter into the usual recognizance according to law in the sum of 800 Dols with good security to be approved by the Court or one of the Judges thereof.

By Order
W Brent Clk

filed 24th Dec 1822