Lynch Wormly v. Smith Cocke. Deed of Manumission


Albemarle County, Virginia. Jany 12, 1820.

I do hereby constitute and appoint Edward Coles Esqr my Attorney with full power to execute and sign in my name and on my behalf, a Deed of Manumission, to a negro man, named Lynch lately in my possession, so as to secure to him, free from the claim of myself, my heirs or assigns, forever, the uninterupted enjoyment of his freedom. And I hereby bind myself my heirs &c to abide by, and conform to any legal act which my said Attorney may do touching the premises. Witness my hand and Seal the day and year above written.

J. P. Cocke (Seal)

Ch: Cocke
S. W. Cocke


I do hereby certify that the within named Lynch having given satisfaction as to the claims of James P. Cocke Esq. The latter is content that Lynch shall go free: and Mr. Jones is authorised & requested to dispose of the suit now pending so as to confirm Lynch's title to freedom.

Edward Coles
Washington Jany 28 1820

Edward Coles Esqr
now in
The City of Washington