Priscilla Graham v. Redmond Grace. Petition for Freedom


To the Honble the Judges of the Circuit court of the United States for the district of Columbia & county of Washington.

The petition of Priscilla Graham on behalf of herself & her six children named Catharine, Philip, Betsey, Nelly, Levi, & Fanny humbly represents, That she, your petitioner together with her children above named are free & in every respect entitled in law to their freedom, but she is informed that a certain Redmond Grace claims her as well as her children as his slaves, & by unlawful means wishes to hold her & her children as his property in servitude Wherefore your petitioner prays that a subpoena may issue in her case against the said Redmond, to bar his claim, & that she may receive the Justice her case demand & that the said Redmond may be compelled to recognize & comply with the provisions of the law in such case made & proceeded in order to a fair trial thereof

And as in duty bound your honor will pray

Elias B Caldwell & John Law petrs atts


256 258 289 300 247

Priscilla Graham for herself & children
Redmond Grace

Mr Brent will please to file this petition & issue subpœna
J Law.

Filed 22. February 1812 & subpa issd

subpa Defts— issd 25 Feby 1812
James A. Magruder Baltr
Fieldor Dorsey— P.G.Cy
[illegible] 12 June decd[?] Deft[?]