Violet v. Henry W. Ball. Petitioners' Bill of Exceptions


Violet & her children

The Petrs by their counsel prayed read in evidence to the Jury the Deposition of Elizth L. Jones & the Deft by his counsel read in evidence the deposition of Majr Ball. and no other evidence was offered on either side; & the Petitioner by his counsel then prayed the Court.

(here insert the prayer) marked (D.)

which instruction the Court refused to give to which refused the Petitioner by his counsel excepts & prays the Court to sign & seal this bill of exceptions which is accordingly done this 8th day of July, AD 1814.

W Cranch (seal)
N. Fitzhugh (seal)


Negr. Violette
W. H. Ball

Bill of Exceptn.


If the Jury should be of opinion that the Deft sent the Petitioner to Virginia in the Spring of 1811 for the purpose of being sold there & with directions to the Deft's brother to sell them. & that the said Petitioners (not having been sold) were afterwards in Octr 1811 again brought by the Deft to the City of Washington & have been kept there by him ever since they should find for the Petr.