John & Serena v. Henry Moscross. Bill of Sale


I hereby sell & deliver to the Rev'd Henry Moscross a Certain Negro Lad Named Michael to serve four years from the twentieth of May first day of January last a Certain Negro Girl named Nancy to serve eight years from the first day of January last & a Certain negro Boy named John to serve from the fifteen years from the first day of January last past as will appear by referring to the Records of P Georges County where the Emancipation of the above mentioned negros are recorded. & I do humbly warrant & defend the said negros as the Right title[?] & Estate of the said Henry Moscoss his Heirs and Assigns till they shall have served their respective terms of service as mentioned above as witnessed my Hand & seal this sixteenth day of Seper 1799

Overton Carr (seal)

Receiv'd of the Rev'd Henry Moscross Seventy Dollars on Acct of the above named Negro Michael in part. The above named Negros Nancy & John were paid for by Mr Moscross when delivered

Overton Carr
Seper 16th 1799


Revd Mr Moscross
Overton Carr's Bill of Sale
Septr 16th 1799

Carr bill of Sale