Ann Davis v. Charles Minifee and Letitia Davis v. Rebecca Forrest. Petitioners' Bill of Exceptions


Ann Davis & Children
Charles Minifie


Letty Davis
Reba Forrest.

After the petitioners had produced and read in evidence to the Jury the Depositions of William Dove and Catherine Harley in the record of Rosamond Bentley vs A. Addison (here insert it) and had examined one John Rabbitt as a witness sworn in the cause to prove what one John King Edward Claggett and James Short old persons heretofore deceased had declared to him in conversation in these cases the defendants offered to read to the Jury the following depositions only of Henry Darnall Clement Hill John Carey Robert Hill Soper Elizabeth Barber Sarah Thomas Wm Digges Benjamin Brookes & Henry Rosier all of them deceased taken in the suits of Bentley vs Digges & Bentley vs Hawkins the petitioners in those suits being the sisters of the said Rosemond Bentley (here insert the record) to the reading of which depositions the counsel for the petitioners objected and prayed the opinion of the Court whether the said depositions should be read in evidence in these cases and the Court gave it as their opinion that the said depositions should be read to which Opinion the petitioners except & pray that the same may be signed & sealed which is done accordingly

W. Cranch (seal)
B Thruston (seal)



Bill of Exceptions