Ann Davis v. Charles Minifee and Letitia Davis v. Rebecca Forrest. Petitioners' Bill of Exceptions


Ann Davis

Letty or Lettitia Davis
Rebecca Forrest

Memorandum upon the trial of this case the Defendant offered evidence the following following record (here insert it) and propound to read only certain parts of it to the Jury leaving out some of the depositions included in the record, to the readings the said record in the whole the Petitioner objected, and insisted that if it was read then defendant who read it ought to read the whole, but the Court permitted it to be read and that the defendant shant read so much of it as he should think fit. To which opinion of the Court the Petitioner excepts & prays that this her bill of exceptions may be signed, sealed & enrolled which is done.

N Fitzhugh (Seal)
B. Thruston (Seal)



fild 28 June 1811