Letitia Davis v. Rebecca Forrest and Ann Davis v. Charles Minifee. Defendent's Bill of Exceptions


Letitia Davis v Rebecca Forrest and Anne Davis & others v Charles Minifee

At the trial of these causes

The Petitioners council offered to read a record of recovery in the case of Susan Davis v Caleb Swan, which record is hereto annexed; and the Petitioner's council offered evidence to prove that the said Susan Davis in the said record mentioned[?], is the sister of the Petitioner; and the Deft's council objected to the admission of said record as evidence in this cause; But the court overruled the objection and admitted the said record in evidence; To which the Defts except & pray this their Bill of Exceptions may be sealed & inrolled & it is done accordingly.

N Fitzhugh (Seal)
B. Thruston (Seal)



Forrest & others

fild 28 June 1811