Letitia Davis v. Rebecca Forrest and Ann Davis v. Charles Minifee. Defendent's Bill of Exceptions


Davis v Forrest and Davis v Minifee

At the trial of these causes Petrs offered to examine as witnesses in the cause two free negroes towit one Susan Davis & one Rosamond Bentley; who recovered their freedom in the [illegible] set forth in the two records to the adm and the Defts in these causes being free christian white persons, objected to the admission of the said free negroes as evidence witnesses; but the court overruled the objection and admitted them to be sworn & examined as witnesses on behalf of the Petitioners. To which the Defts except, and this their bill of exceptions is sealed & recorded.

N. Fitzhugh (Seal)
B Thruston (Seal)

Note; This Decision results from this point having been settled in this way formerly; by former precedents; had it been Res integra the Opinion of the Subscriber would have been the other way.
B Thruston


Davis vs Forrest & Davis vs Minifee

exceptions taken by Defts

Fild 28th June 1811