Susan Bordley v. Anne Tilley. Petition for Freedom


To the Honble the Judges of the circuit court of the United States for the district of Columbia & county of Washington

The petition of Susan Bordley & her children Rachael Bordley, Charlotte Bordley, Phillis Bordley & James Bordley humbly sheweth, That your petitioner first named Susan Bordley is a native of the state of Pennsylvania & was entitled by the laws of said state to her freedom but to prevent her enjoying the benefit of the laws of the said State, she was forcibly brought from said state by her then master & sold on certain conditions in the state of Maryland. That since her arrival here she became the mother of the other persons above named on whose behalf she now petitions, & that she together with her children are now unlawfully claimed & detained in servitude by a certain Anne Tilley Your petitioner therefore prays on behalf of herself & her children, that your Honors would take her case & her rights into consideration, & authorize & direct such steps on the   premises as to the honble Court may appear meet. And your petitioner & her children will forever pray &c.

John Law Petr's atty.



Susan Bordley & her children Rachael Charlotte Phillis & James
Anne Tilley

Mr Brent will please to file this petition & issue subpœna for this defendant
J Law

filed 10th July 1809