Mima Queen v. John Hepburn. Defendant's Bill of Exceptions


And the Petitioner, produced in evidence the Deposition of George Davis, [ink] offered to read that part of George Davis's Deposition, which is in these words, "and said that that lad, pointing at at Ned, ought to be free for his grand mother was a free woman", writing these words comprised in that passage, vizt. "ought to be free for", so as to make it read as follows vizt. "and said that that lad, pointing at Ned, his grandmother was a free woman".


and the Deft's counsel objected to reading the above mentioned passage of the said deposition, or any part of it; and the court allowed the Petr's to read of the whole of the said passage under the limitations & instructions above expressed; To which the Deft excepts & prays this his bill of exceptions to be sealed & enrolled which is done accordingly.

W. Cranch (seal)
N. Fitzhugh (Seal)
B. Thurston (Seal)


Mina Queen & Louisa her child
John Hepburn

Defendants Exceptions

Issued 27th June 1810.


× and the Petrs. said Counsel further offered to read the whole sentence aforesaid in the said Davis's deposition for the purpose of shewing to whom the latter word's "his Grandmother was a free woman" applied." but not for the purpose of making the said Lee's declaration that Ned "ought to be free" evidence in the cause. And the Petrs. said Counsel in reading the said sentence admitted & stated & so also the Court Stated to the Jury that the only part of it they read & considered as evidence was the said assertion of said Lee of the fact of the said boy Ned's Grandmother being a free woman.