Mima Queen v. John Hepburn. Defendant's Bill of Exceptions


Mima Queen & Louisa her child
John Hepburn

Petition for freedom

On the trial of this cause the Petitioners offered to examine as a witness Simon Queen a free negro not in a state of servitude by law and produced in evidence a record and Certificate of his freedom in the words and figures following towit (here insert them)

And it is admitted that the authentication of the record is regular and that he is the same Simon Queen therein mentioned

And it is also admitted that the Defendant is a free Christian white person

And the Defts counsel objected to the admission of the said Simon as a witness but the Court overruled the objection and admitted him to be sworn & examined as a witness to which the Defts Counsel excepts and this his Bill of exceptions is sealed & enrolled

W. Cranch (Seal)
N. Fitzhugh (Seal)


Mima Queen & Louisa her Child
John Hepburn


Defts exceptions