Mima Queen v. John Hepburn. Petitioners' Bill of Exceptions No. 5


Mima Queen & child
John Hepburn

on the trial of this cause the Petitioners Counsel for the purpose of proving that one Mary Queen from whom the Petitioner is supposed claims to be descended in the female line & of which fact she offered evidence was of free condition read in evidence to the Jury the deposition of sundry witnesses to wit, Richard Disney, Thomas Warfield, George Davis, & Caleb Clark (here insert them) and the petitioners Counsel further offered evidence to prove that the petitioner is lineally descended from the said Mary, the def Petitioners by their Counsel then offered to read in evidence to the Jury the declarations of said Mary Queen, as stated and proved in the deposition of Freders Riland for the purpose as Historical evidence of the facts therein stated, and to prove the [ink] residence & condition of the said Mary Queen family, but the Court refused to allow the said part of the said deposition to be read in evidence to the Jury. the defend. in this cause having offered in Evidence to the Jury (the depositions of the following witnesses (here insert             to prove that the said Mary Queen when she was brought into this country was not of free condition and hath ever since till her death been held in slavery.

to which opinion and refusal the Petitioners by their counsel prayed leave to except and the Court to sign this their Bill of Exceptions which is accordingly done this 28th day of June 1810.

N Fitzhugh (Seal)
B Thurston


Petitioner's Excn. No. 6 No. 5